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08/15/17 | Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Corvette LTD Inc - Phoenix Corvette LTD Inc David K. Poor Customer service and down talk you like your nothing Phoenix Arizona

08/15/17 | , Internet

Lawson Law LLC Lidia Lawson - Lawson Law LLC Lidia Lawson Lawson Immigration This immigration lawyer just got my money and lost. Tulsa Internet

08/15/17 | , Internet

The Buyers Fashion Club - The Buyers Fashion Club MCC*BIGSTOREONLINECAT MYBEAUTFL I was offered a free watch and sunglasses for postage only. Then they charged me almost $100 each. Dania Beach, Florida

08/15/17 | , Internet

skin scientific - skin scientific Frankiesskincream FL Offered free cream sample $4.95 for shipping then received a charge for $89.92 on a later bill Internet

08/15/17 | , Internet

Elly's world - Elly's world Ordered steam straightener from Elly's world for 49.97. was given a confirmation email and when checked website was gone.Intermet

08/15/17 | , Internet

Giftedlilones - Giftedlilones They took my money and never sent my order. They have a auto response set up so you never get any explanation of why you haven't received your order. Internet
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