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07/25/17 | , Internet

Yonsalon - Yonsalon Yon Total Scam! Don't order anything from this site! Internet

07/25/17 | , Internet - Scam me and never sent my items Utah Internet

07/25/17 | Los Angeles,

Albert Priest - Albert Priest Priest Films, Priest Studios Scam Man, begging for money, stealing it for himself! Los Angeles

07/25/17 | , Internet

Account Now Debit card - Account Now Debit card Accountnow Froze account and after 25 days no replacement card and account not yet rectified. All my deposits are on hold San Ramos California Internet

07/25/17 | , Internet - Fraudulent, deceptive. Internet

07/25/17 | , Internet

Nuavive Derm - Nuavive Derm The 14day trail advertisement is deceptive. It's a scam they will charge the full price of the product without your knowledge. Don't fall for the trap. I call two times and they were not concerned that the advertisement is deceptive and wouldn't refund my money or take the product back. Internet On-line based. Internet
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