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1 — Report #1387225

Ace Towing Enterprise Ace Towing They are a bunch of lying thieves that count tell the truth if someone hit them in the face with a tire Lakewood Colorado
Auto Towing: Ace Towing Enterprise

2 — Report #1386711

Advanced Towing Company Towed my car in less than 25 minutes. I had parked legally in a parking lot in front of Boston Market on Glebe and Columbia Pike Road. I went to buy lunch in Boston Market. I was alone and ate in my car listening to the radio. When done, I walked across the street to another store to inquire about getting my nails done. I got half a service because I didn't have enough time and needed to pick my daughter up at noon. I parked my car at 11:15, at lunch got nails done came to car at 11:50 car totally gone. When I tried to explain I had eaten lunch at the restaurant, they called me a liar, laughed yelled at me, told me to leave them alone go back to Florida. I showed my receipt to the woman working at the booth in the towing lot and she said I had the receipt modified. Told me she had seen the video of me cussing out the tow drivers. I asked her to see the video, because I knew darn well I didn't cuss any one out. She couldn't show me of course. My head was spinning. I understand needing to tow if a lot is crowded, if I hadn't spend money in the shopping center and just parked and left. But I gave my money to that shopping center. Ridiculous and ridiculous how I was treated. Arlington Virginia
Auto Towing: Advanced Towing Company

3 — Report #1386636

Allied Dispatch Solutions Allied Dispatch OVER $20,000 OWED AND THEY WON'T PAY OR CALL BACK! ROCKWALL, TX Johnson City
Auto Towing: Allied Dispatch Solutions

4 — Report #1386384

Allied Dispatch Solutions Does not pay Johnson City Tennessee
Auto Towing: Allied Dispatch Solutions

5 — Report #1385592

Greenwood Recovery Greenwood Towing Damage my vehicle Baltimore City. Nationwide
Auto Towing: Greenwood Recovery

6 — Report #1384166

Chico towing Stacey tucker Predatory towing Bremerton Washington
Auto Towing: Chico towing

7 — Report #1383394

Vision Wrecker Service Illegal Towing Baltimore Maryland
Auto Towing: Vision Wrecker Service

8 — Report #1381928

Elite Towing / Meritage KymCO made signage to Reserve a personal spot for me wont enforce Austin Texas
Auto Towing: Elite Towing / Meritage

9 — Report #1381478

Export Towing Export Enterprise, Pat Towing, United Road Tow Illegal tow, burned my car , CHAPTER 11 Bankruptcy and without appropriated Insurance coverage ! Medford Massachusetts
Auto Towing: Export Towing

10 — Report #1381338

Mosby's Towing SCAM Company-BEWARE!! Louisville Kentucky
Auto Towing: Mosby's Towing

11 — Report #1381257

American Tow Forcw Inc. Tow Force Predatory towing, scamming, deceptive, avoiding taxes Pinellas Park Florida
Auto Towing: American Tow Forcw Inc.

12 — Report #1381053

Stepp's Towing Services Stepp's Towing Services stepp towing. ABC Towing. Stepp's Heavy Transport Stepp's Auto Salvage. Stepp's U PULL IT They destroyed the bumper of my car and even though I have evidence they have refused to pay for the damages Orlando Florida
Auto Towing: Stepp's Towing Services

13 — Report #1380498

West Coast Towing Racist Theives Fresno California
Auto Towing: West Coast Towing

14 — Report #1380494

Johnson's wrecker service Disrespectful with my property Orlando Florida
Auto Towing: Johnson's wrecker service

15 — Report #1380166

Bruffys Towing Marina Del Rey Ca tried to take my 25,000 car never notified me of lein sale marina del rey California
Auto Towing: Bruffys Towing Marina Del Rey Ca

16 — Report #1379649

Allied Dispatch Solutions HAVE NOT BEEN PAID SINCE DECEMBER 2016 TENNESSEE Arkansas
Auto Towing: Allied Dispatch Solutions

17 — Report #1379576

Lake County Towing LLC 24-hour service Clermont Mike Mike Kelly Rico Andrew Scott Jazmine these are all the top dogs of the company used to work for them Wildwood Florida
Auto Towing: Lake County Towing LLC 24-hour service Clermont Mike

18 — Report #1378886

Allied Dispatch Solutions Worst roadside service ever- Providers please stay away Johnson City Tennessee
Auto Towing: Allied Dispatch Solutions

19 — Report #1378378

KASE Parking Enforcement, Nathan Scam artist that cons $85 from residents of multifamily complexes in Boise, Idaho. Scammed me out of $170. Boise Idaho
Auto Towing: KASE Parking Enforcement

20 — Report #1378155

AA Arlington Towing A-A Arlington Abandoned Vehicle Illegally towing vehicles Arlington, Texas
Auto Towing: AA Arlington Towing

21 — Report #1377929

Auto Towing: Quik Pik Towing

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