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1 — Report #1388680

Luna Luxe Skin Care I got the trial product, did not call to cancel my subscription in time (actually forgot). $362.82 later... Internet
Computer Mail Order: Luna Luxe Skin Care

2 — Report #1385970

floridapharmacyonline.com Allen Johnson..person on phone Bobby He assured me they were okay,and I would recieve my order next day ,but I had to use Western Union,and I sent $280.00!Next day I get a email from him saying,my order was on Hold!,bugt If I send more 150.00 more or better.I emailed him and He got angry and called me and said He would nit send my order if I emailed or callec him again !!and hung up!He was nice at first mean at the end.,He also said He didnt like PresidentTrump.I told (emailed)that I was voted for President Trump!!and I was going to call FBI,andB.B.B.!!please stop these scammers,thank you ,I feel so foolish. Florida../India Internet
Computer Mail Order: floridapharmacyonline.com

3 — Report #1385949

Derma Genetix/ Wizat eye cream Tikis Face Cream/Wizat eye serum/ Wizat LLC Manipulated terms of agreement for sample to create monthly billing for their gain Illinois
Computer Mail Order: Derma Genetix/ Wizat eye cream

4 — Report #1385016

Neuliftskin cream Neither eye serum Fraud stole money from my account Fountain valley California
Computer Mail Order: Neuliftskin cream

5 — Report #1384207

Wish.com Wish app Internet
Computer Mail Order: Wish.com

6 — Report #1383335

Dar Waterfront & Associates, Sherm Oaks, California 91423 Internet
Computer Mail Order: Dar Waterfront & Associates

7 — Report #1382797

ProductsCube.com and Rommel Diaz Productscube.com is a scam internet company. Selling computes and electronic goods. I ordered a All in one Lenova computer. The payment was made thru PayPal. I was doubtful to start with but got trapped due to the information that was provided about my order. The payment was sent to Rommel Diaz, who is not even in US. Internet
Computer Mail Order: ProductsCube.com

8 — Report #1382033

Simple Nutrition Free bottle of CBD oil for $5.95 s+h also sent bottle of the soft gels for $1.95 I did not order. Internet
Computer Mail Order: Simple Nutrition

9 — Report #1381182

Home Shopping Network Refuses to honor Warranty Clearwater Florida
Computer Mail Order: Home Shopping Network

10 — Report #1380038

Envisage skin international I went from a Facebook article on how to get a free sample from a vendor that Shark Tank was involved with! My products do NOT have a phone number listed for me to ask for a refund! My bank account was charged $103.00 and a second charge of $109.00 for a recurring debit card purchase! Internet
Computer Mail Order: Envisage skin international

11 — Report #1379472

Visalia skincare Scam no customer service Mibneapolis Nationwide
Computer Mail Order: Visalia skincare

12 — Report #1379307

Parisian Glow tried to charge my bank account $89.95 for this product prior to the 14-day trial period. They never indicated that it was a 14 day trial. Internet 
Computer Mail Order: Parisian Glow

13 — Report #1377324

RajueyESerum888919 False advertising for $4.95 shipping & handling fee then charged $94.77 and $73.85 Internet
Computer Mail Order: RajueyESerum888919

14 — Report #1376351

Youth Renu 14 Day Trial a SCAM I was charged $186.88  Nationwide
Computer Mail Order: Youth Renu

15 — Report #1374833

Linkshe.com Did not send my order but billed me for items and cannot contact them Internet Internet
Computer Mail Order: Linkshe.com

16 — Report #1373829

Computer Mail Order: METRO PCS

17 — Report #1371842

Linkshe It took more than a month for my order to arrive. They sent the wrong size for four different items. Internet
Computer Mail Order: Linkshe

18 — Report #1371782

Linkshe.com I requested refund for poor quality merchandise, was told my expectations were too high for the price I paid. ? China Internet
Computer Mail Order: Linkshe.com

19 — Report #1371035

My Derma Restore 888-210-9875 Ordered a "free" sample but paid with a card for shipping. Ever month after that the take 97.21 out of my account. And every month my back stops it. This is getting really old! Called them but was told me they do not have an account for me. Asked how they were taking $ out of my account then. Pissed!!!! Internet
Computer Mail Order: My Derma Restore

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