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1 — Report #1406451

Trading Made Easy Frank Lewis Trading made easy, aka W.E.B.B.Frank Lewis aka James Viscuglia Trading on line. Buying a program for $6000. Monthly fee with Ensign for $50. $199 a month for Frank to tell you how to trade. 2 to three days a week Frank is not there. You pay $199 for his expertise which is not there. You also have an account with TransAct Futures . Frank does not trade with an account he trades with a SIM Account which is very easy to do when you trade with real money things do not work out the same way at all . Las Vegas, NV Nevada Internet
E-trade: Trading Made Easy Frank Lewis

2 — Report #1406300

Awais Bokhari ,eminiplayer.neteminiplayer.neteminiplayer Day trade E-mini S&P scam Chicago IL illinois Internet
E-trade: Awais Bokhari

3 — Report #1405861

Codie Collimeer Bad customer attempting to steal from us. Do not do business with them. Providence Rhode Island
E-trade: Codie

4 — Report #1405786

Codie Ryan Fontaine Fraudster shipped back ebay return with rocks instead of laptop Providence Rhode Island
E-trade: Codie /Ryan Fontaine

5 — Report #1405724

Ryan Fontaine Do not ship to this eBay customer, he will claim that he received a different item. Scammer! MCKINNEY Texas
E-trade: Ryan Fontaine

6 — Report #1405275

VideoCubix Nycdesigns.us videocubix.au logoshines.co.uk 360digimarketing.comAnimationsharks.comnycdesigns.us88monsters.usLogoshines.co.uk Email scam and sms scam
E-trade: VideoCubix Nycdesigns.us videocubix.au logoshines.co.uk

7 — Report #1402643

Evirtual it services private limited evirtualtechnology.com Evirtual TechnologyEvirtual IT Services Pvt Ltd Contracted to migrate webstore to Magento 2.x. They gave 30 day estimate, after 6 months still did not complete project India
E-trade: evirtual it services private limited

8 — Report #1402340

Kingplay Corporation Kingplay is parent company of Funacumen Funacumen is offering a free download of American Mosaic: Prose and Poetry by Everyday Folk. Oxford University Press published it but the rights reverted to me. They are illegally offering this book for free download. Wimington,Delawarel Internet
E-trade: Kingplay Corporation

9 — Report #1401168

Jiongao Chen Jennifer Chen Ebay Rip Off - Buyer scamming seller, claiming item not as described West Covina California
E-trade: Jiongao Chen

10 — Report #1399022

Glorious Games AB Removed my account with no warning or explanation, regardless of the amount of money I spent on iy S 118 63 Stockholm Nationwide
E-trade: Glorious Games AB

11 — Report #1398710

TKG MEDIA Calif. they,TKG MEDIA, did! charged $97.00 to my Visa card.  California
E-trade: TKG MEDIA

12 — Report #1398294

Lois Asboth I found so many names I could not count and moves a lot. It was like dealing with Jeckel and Hyde, Think that he is really smart but is dishonest to the point of using God to shame you wile picking your pocket. Do not waist time trying to talk sence into this man as he has a criminal mind and turns your words around even though they are documented. Covington Virginia
E-trade: Lois Asboth

13 — Report #1397905

Nantong ITALINA Home Textiles Co., Ltd . .Alibaba.com Fake products and attempted to extort more money from China Internet
E-trade: Nantong ITALINA Home Textiles Co., Ltd

14 — Report #1397579

Deriums Bulk Deriums Singles, Deriums CCGS Products My 12 year old son sent him 1400 cards to trade for a booster box. The guy first said he never got the package from us. Then I show him the delivery confirmation. He then proceeds to tell me that he mailed it back to us. When I asked for a tracking number, he stopped responding to my emails. BEWARE, don't trust this business! Cuyahoga Falls Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
E-trade: Deriums Bulk

15 — Report #1396074

Addictair.co.uk I placed an order. They send the wrong goods and in any event the goods were counterfeit. When I requested a refund, they offered me 5%, then 7%, then 30%, then 10% then 30% again as long as I pay for the international shipping costs and restocking fees. They sent me counterfeit goods and yet I am to be responsible for their international shipping and restocking fees. Do not purchase from this website - it is a scam business selling counterfeit goods. I will report them to the relevant authorities as I am entitled to a full refund; not just 30% as they failed to comply with the terms of our agreement. While the website states ".co.uk", it is in China Internet
E-trade: Addictair.co.uk

16 — Report #1394538

exbooks.com scam exbooks.com scam , scam book selling website.exbooks scams exbooks.com is scam website beware students Internet
E-trade: exbooks.com scam

17 — Report #1386978

Gladiacoin company took bitcoin to trade with & promised to double the bitcoin within 90 days. they halted trading, increased the payout thresholds added monthly fees then disappeared Internet
E-trade: Gladiacoin

18 — Report #1386211

Unlimited Accounts Manchester Unlimited eBay accounts Manchester Mr J Kahn Bank transfer unlimited eBay account scam con Manchester Internet
E-trade: Unlimited Accounts Manchester

19 — Report #1385711

Unlimited accounts Manchester Unlimited eBay accounts Manchester Mr J (Jay) Khan Scam. Bank transfer con trick. Manchester Internet
E-trade: Unlimited accounts Manchester

20 — Report #1383777

Tienda Zambrano66 Zoe Elena Albin Albin-Gaast camamues (126Turquoise Star) bait and switch eBay seller scam Linares, Spain Internet
E-trade: Tienda Zambrano66

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