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1 — Report #1387943

Anthony Morrison - Fan Page Domination False & Misleading Advertising
On-Line Business: Anthony Morrison - Fan Page Domination

2 — Report #1387854

Bella Vi (Collective Fab) Scammed out of my money Fountain Valley California
On-Line Business: Bella Vi (Collective Fab)

3 — Report #1387833

Morpheus Productions Carlos Xuma Recurring charges, grossly outdated help desk, not honoring cancellation request, misleading money back promise Internet
On-Line Business: Morpheus Productions

4 — Report #1387775

TRS LIMITED LLC Trying to charge me for something I do not want or saying I ordered. Unknown to me Internet
On-Line Business: TRS LIMITED LLC

5 — Report #1387546

Upwork cheating, defrauding customers, read private conversations Internet
On-Line Business: Upwork

6 — Report #1387485

BYTEFENCE a pop-up said i had malware and said i needed this to fix it, they stated they were approved by microsoft. i bought it for $24.99 and then got a worm or whatever you call it i then spent 49.99 to get rid of it thru another software company, I tried to contact.  illinois
On-Line Business: BYTEFENCE

7 — Report #1387200

Sureprofits - Joshua Armekov is using my email address: (((REDACTED))) to send emails to other people unknown Internet
On-Line Business: Sureprofits

8 — Report #1386634

laidbackloot.com Bowie sneakers and wall Art took my money but did not send the merchandise Internet
On-Line Business: laidbackloot.com

9 — Report #1386339

Parisan Glow AEH*AEHARTEYESERUM Billed multiple charges on credit card, Refused to allow me to return product. Many Different billing name INationwide
On-Line Business: Parisan Glow

10 — Report #1386168

gimbutandassociates.com Martha I Gimbut #irresponsible adult that responds to her poor values by complaining to authorities when caught cheating with your ex husband Austin Texas
On-Line Business: gimbutandassociates.com

11 — Report #1385995

Addict Gear Scam Company. Charged but Goods never received. not sure Internet
On-Line Business: Addict Gear

12 — Report #1385824

Coal cosmetics Coal Internet
On-Line Business: Coal cosmetics

13 — Report #1385576

Pretty Sweet Stole My Money; Never Received Items Internet
On-Line Business: Pretty Sweet

14 — Report #1385440

The Home Club Darren Bolger, Darren Thomas Bolger, LEGAL SERVICES & SUPPLIES LTD ,08567388, BOLGER DATA COM LTD ,08480805, FF&E LTD ,06094583, CUT ABOVE THE REST LTD ,06361314, PEOPLE PEAR LTD ,08567279, ECOCARE DEVELOPMENTS LTD ,08297475, MULBROOK DEVELOPMENT SERVI Darren Bolger, the home club. darren thomas bolger London Internet
On-Line Business: The Home Club

15 — Report #1385035

Private Internet Access Just Plain Ignored Me, with NO SERVICE Denver Colorado
On-Line Business: Private Internet Access

16 — Report #1384750

RobBrautigam.com Laptop Lifestyle, .RobBrautigam.com Project Q1 Rob Brautigamrob.brautigam@gmail.com Project Q1 Enagic Rob Brautigam, RobBrautigam.com Internet
On-Line Business: RobBrautigam.com

17 — Report #1384586

Highya.com Highya They hide good reviews and Extort companies so that only "Paid" companies have good reviews.Extortion, scam, lies, Scottsdale, AZ Internet
On-Line Business: Highya.com

18 — Report #1384499

Dermify serum RejuVen 8 I subscribed for trial offer recd defective bottle after 13 days my acct was charged 89.31 I called to speak with customer service. requesting refund and I was told I missed the date to cancel to be eligible for a full refund then I was offered 50%discount on future orders I told them I wasn't interested and wanted to speak to a supervisor . I was then told that they couldn't offer me any better solutions and I was hung up on,a very rude and poor way to do busines. Nationwide
On-Line Business: Dermify serum

19 — Report #1384320

profit ltd scamming with a riip off online opportunity and hard sell torquay Internet
On-Line Business: profit ltd

20 — Report #1383090

ROK7 VR SO FAR I PAID $59.98 AND glasses were suppose to be free, just pay postage! Very light glasses! Lakeland Florida
On-Line Business: ROK7

21 — Report #1382882

Safe Shepherd Safeshepherd Paid 99.45 for a websight that is " overloaded- come back later for five days in a row Internet
On-Line Business: Safe Shepherd

22 — Report #1382842

RV Trader.com $99.99 Per Year.... Has fine Print Internet
On-Line Business: RV Trader.com

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