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1 — Report #1388138

Grant Department US Treasury----Contact David Morris 201-632-5913 ext. 1007 I have to send $200.00 dollars to receive $9,000.00. The $200 is subtracted from the money and then refunded to me. District of Columbia Washington D. C.
Cash Services: Grant Department US Treasury

2 — Report #1387690

First Cash Advance Internet
Cash Services: First Cash Advance

3 — Report #1387566

Derma/Devin Without credit card approval or my approval or authorization , signed me up for a health magazine for 6 months and charged my credit card $19.99 per month. dermadevine.com Internet
Cash Services: Derma/Devin

4 — Report #1387209

Paetec Communications Inc. Windstream Communications Offering Federal financial support grants New Brunswick New York
Cash Services: Paetec Communications Inc.

5 — Report #1387198

Harpeth Financial Services Advance Financial Allowed someone else to get "flex loan" in my name. I paid because it was a family member. After making 8 months of payments the amount borrowed and owed had increased. Zero of the payment went to principal- all interest, so the loan is NEVER paid down. I called to see why even more was owed than what started with and was advised that no one was trained on the flex loans when they starred and that you'd have to pay it all at once in order to not owe three times what was borrowed. I complained to a manager who was going to have someone call me back. Today, 2 years later, I get a letter that a lawsuit is pending in my county after no one has attempted to contact me regarding this. Chattanooga Nationwide
Cash Services: Harpeth Financial Services

6 — Report #1387021

Jessica carter Claim I owe money 1200. If I do not answer warrant and will cost me 6700 if I do not reply to cash advance debt resolution. First I heard of this. Will not reply could be a hack scheme Internet
Cash Services: Jessica carter

7 — Report #1386721

Transworldwide Logistics & Courier Services Asked me to pay tax fees in order to receive my check Internet
Cash Services: Transworldwide Logistics & Courier Services

8 — Report #1386525

Sweepstakes Advisor Dallas Tx
Cash Services: Sweepstakes Advisor

9 — Report #1386335

Providence Capital Financial Services Sent me a check for $4,600, $495,400 to be sent by UPS or Fedex Toronto Ontario Ontario
Cash Services: Providence Capital Financial Services

10 — Report #1385351

Global cash Stealing cash Work provided card Nationwide
Cash Services: Global cash

11 — Report #1384965

Monique CaseyKing False advertising.Had me motivated and broke me down. Easy pay.com Internet
Cash Services: Monique CaseyKing

12 — Report #1384958

Community choice financial Henry James Ohio Nationwide
Cash Services: Community choice financial

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