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1 — Report #1388171

Palm Beach Appliance Repair Appliance Company got paid, but made no repair!! Boynton Beach Florida
Appliances: Palm Beach Appliance Repair

2 — Report #1387922

Sears- Why not lease it False adversting/scam Columbus Ohio Nationwide
Appliances: Sears- Why not lease it

3 — Report #1387857

Appliance Factory Outlet Deceptive advertizing and does not honor their company's product warranty service Parker Colorado
Appliances: Appliance Factory Outlet

4 — Report #1387748

COMERCO Not An Honourable Company Laval Quebec
Appliances: COMERCO

5 — Report #1387669

Rodney Tague Subcontracted AC job out and failed to honor 1 year labor warranty pocketing money instead West Palm Beach Florida
Appliances: Rodney Tague

6 — Report #1387571

Sears Department Store Denied Check /,but certain checks they accepted, but later charged me with forgery, and repossessed purchased items Indianapolis Indiana
Appliances: Sears Department Store

7 — Report #1387408

Samsung Horrible Mold Smell In My Expensive Top Load Samsung Washing Machine Nationwide
Appliances: Samsung

8 — Report #1386901

Nicole's Arcade LLC Kona BBQ Grill Mat Grill mat was for use on bbq grill used first time caught on fire and melted on my bran new gas grill and all the coating came off on our food. Internet
Appliances: Nicole's Arcade LLC

9 — Report #1386140

Fair Saves - FairSavesOnline - USPost-Service.com Fake Orders - Fake Delivery Site Internet
Appliances: Fair Saves

10 — Report #1386136

K-Mart On January 2, 2016, we purchased a $449.99 Kenmore refrigerator on K-Mart's Why Not Lease It Plan. K-Mart continued to take $79.50 per month from my checking account. In the end, I paid $1431.00, nearly three times the selling price of the refrigerator. When I called to complain, I was told the last payment had been taken out. It makes me wonder if I had called sooner, would the "last payment" have been taken out sooner? RIP OFF PURE AND SIMPLE!!! DuBois Pennsylvania
Appliances: K-Mart

11 — Report #1386070

Lord & Taylor Bait and Switch, Bad Customer Service, Fraud, Rip Off, No help, Wrong Product, Wrong Description, Terrible, Horrible, Scam Internet
Appliances: Lord & Taylor

12 — Report #1385580

Kitchen Aide whirlpool I bought a new kitchen aide mixer in 2016. i recieved a used one and not a new one. I sent it back by fed Ex. They recieved the mixer back. They refuse to give me my money back. geeenville Ohio
Appliances: Kitchen Aide

13 — Report #1385439

Samsung Appliances I was sold a lemon refrigerator at lowes. In 3 years I had over 6 service calls because we were constantly throwing away food due to our freezer and refrigerator not keeping food cold. SAMSUNG REPLACED SEVERAL parts without relief of the problem. Nationwide
Appliances: Samsung Appliances

14 — Report #1385295

LG LG rebate scam Nationwide
Appliances: LG

15 — Report #1385271

Dependable Appliance Billing dispute no customer service Pasco Washington
Appliances: Dependable Appliance

16 — Report #1384453

Quality Control Air  Port Charlotte Florida
Appliances: Quality Control Air

17 — Report #1384345

HOME ADVISOR Service Magic Thieves,Thieves all I can say Home advisor sends you leads,fake numbers,they have got me good..kept my 289.00 membership fee,sent me 15 leads only one was legitimate . Internet
Appliances: HOME ADVISOR

18 — Report #1383878

Infinity appliance repair Scam scam scam Humble Texas
Appliances: Infinity appliance repair

19 — Report #1383315

D&D Mechanical D&D Mechanical (Utah) The most unresponsive company I have even dealt with Salt Lake City Utah
Appliances: D&D Mechanical

20 — Report #1382881

Deco Appliances and Appliance Desk ,appliancedesk.com/, Beware: Deco Appliance quality and their Appliance Desk warranty service Houston Texas
Appliances: Deco Appliances

21 — Report #1382669

Heat & Cool.com ordered a new 3 ton Goodman 16 seer central air conditioner system whem came the outside unt was used and didn't work. They won't give us bak our money and we went ahead and purchased a new unit so we would have air Doral Fl. 
Appliances: Heat & Cool.com

22 — Report #1382303

Blue Rhino Backyard Grills Karen Supervisor Winston-Salem North Carolina
Appliances: Blue Rhino

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