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1 — Report #1391549

C serum technologies Vinetics CSupport@skinhealthdesk.com Order C serum cream as a test to see if I liked it. Have been receiving them every month or so. Returned to sender was written on the box & returned to post office. Did not receive any for a month or more. St. Petersburg, FLoridainternet Internet
Criminal Justice System: C serum technologies

2 — Report #1390665

Jason Hanson Charged me $40.00 on my cc. I didn't authorize and $4.95 s.h. for a flash light that doesn't work. Internet
Criminal Justice System: Jason Hanson

3 — Report #1387169

Criminal Justice Legal Law Services Kevin They said I had 3 allegations against me and an arrest warrant South Richmond Hill New York
Criminal Justice System: Criminal Justice Legal Law Services

4 — Report #1385425

Mark 'Marcus' Martinez This man advertised that he was a handyman. He repaired our home and on the last week he turned into a squatter Colorado Springs
Criminal Justice System: Mark 'Marcus' Martinez

5 — Report #1383316

DRSS Discount Retail Store Services These folks are liars and scam artists, selling unreal dreams for their own profit. Las Vegas Nevada
Criminal Justice System: DRSS

6 — Report #1379069

United Financial Arrangements Affiliated with Art Maxwell and Associates Old PAYDAY LOANS Jacksonville Florida
Criminal Justice System: United Financial Arrangements

7 — Report #1378108

Miller Motte Technical College They are liars, scammers & they need to be stopped. Jacksonville, North Carolina Nationwide
Criminal Justice System: Miller Notre Technical College

8 — Report #1376823

Jo & Hickey They make you shipping things from the post office,they provide you label and told you that the gonna pay 1500$ plus bonus for each package that Have been shipped... They also send you pick up things in bestbuy,I started 2 weeks ago everything was goid till I received an email about something they orded on my name and didn't pay for it,I calle the compagny they told me to report them cause I'm not the first person called about thing they didn't order.. I want them to go in jail... That's weird London Nationwide
Criminal Justice System: Jo & Hickey

9 — Report #1374914

Mirra LLC Blissful Skincare They charged $198 to my credit card without my approval. Stanton California
Criminal Justice System: Mirra LLC

10 — Report #1373109

NetSpend Also known as control card Stole my money Nationwide
Criminal Justice System: NetSpend

11 — Report #1371618

Paul Smith AKA Sr. Lawyer, US COURTHOUSE,NY,NY They fraudulently claimed they were trying to collect $900 for a loan I never had with Cashmere USA,or parent company..  New York City, NY, USA Internet
Criminal Justice System: Paul Smith

12 — Report #1371341

Officer McDonald Serial# 302 At a parking lot for The Rivers End cafe in Seal Beach where my sister and I meet for lunch every month you have to pay at their little machine and display your receipt on your dashboard.Seal Beach California
Criminal Justice System: Officer McDonald

13 — Report #1370714

Christina E. Pagano Bar Card Number: 07154500Chris Pagano Christina E. Pagano Bar Card Number: 07154500Chris Pagano I had someone bring that person my coin collection, my power tools and my jewelry for that person to sign off on my bond...that attorney said no she wouldn't do it, no deal....but kept all my stuff anyways and the attorney is now saying she wants $200 if I want my stuff back Austin Texas
Unusual Rip-Off: Christina E. Pagano Bar Card Number: 07154500Chris Pagano

14 — Report #1368008

Future Income Payments FIP LLC 2505 Anthem Village Drive #E-578 Henderson, NV 89052 Robbing my future. Despective Loan for $1800 turned out to be six figure payback and selling part of my retirement Henderson, Nevada Nationwide
Criminal Justice System: Future Income Payments

15 — Report #1367741

Criminal justice legal Law Services, kevin williams They said that they had a message intended for you not my name and that they had three allegations against me and a warrant was about to be issued and the information was extremely time sensitive Nationwide
Criminal Justice System: Samuel draper

16 — Report #1362155

CREDITORE : SPEEDY CASH SERVICE (Creditor spelled incorrectly) Low-life rip off artists Internet
Criminal Justice System: CREDITORE : SPEEDY CASH SERVICE (Creditor spelled incorrectly)

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