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1 — Report #1388085

Safe Site Storage - Layton: This Company Is Crooked Layton Utah
Miscellaneous Companies: Safe Site Storage - Layton

2 — Report #1388022

ACE CASH SERVICES pcs-department Docket Number: 9587711 Case File #: JC -484161 Past Due Amount - $975.25. Accounting Department of Ace Cash Services has marked this case as a flat refusal and press legal charges against you. The total outstanding amount has been overdue and you have ignored multiple requests to make payment. The legal proceedings and amount which the court orders, amounting to $3931.08 must also be paid, in addition to the *debt*. If you take care of this out of court then we will release the clearance certificate from the court and we will make sure that no one will contact you in future.!!! Get a load of this B.S. they be tryin to get.If you want to resolve this matter contact us thru email or call us within 48 hours at +1-(347) 332-0564 between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (EST). No City information was supplied. No State information was supplied. Nationwide
Miscellaneous Companies: ACE CASH SERVICES

3 — Report #1387815

Lin Rixin. Jan Texas Western union money gram Hangzhou china Nationwide
Miscellaneous Companies: Lin Rixin. Bank of china

4 — Report #1387802

Coal cosmetics the offer was for pay only for shipping on these anti aging creams. I was ok with that but the following month I recieved a box with even more product that i did not order. then to be billed over $80 per container and there were 2. st. petersburg Florida
Miscellaneous Companies: coal cosmetics

5 — Report #1387720

New You Underwer Total Rip-off Hayden Idaho
Miscellaneous Companies: New You Underwer

6 — Report #1387455

Beauty Impressions Enticing Health/Beauty Stays CREDIT CARD FRAUD Return address. Englewood Colorado
Miscellaneous Companies: Beauty Impressions

7 — Report #1387425

myflirtyskin.com/free-sample-2/ Joanna Gaines Forced me to get the YS Eye Cream as well as skin cream. Internet
Miscellaneous Companies: YS Cream

8 — Report #1387416

Secret Society West Valley UT The League Secret Society Scam Scam Scam - There's a Sucker Born Every Minute West Valley Utah
Miscellaneous Companies: Secret Society West Valley UT

9 — Report #1387350

Lunaluxe I only ordered a 4.99 trial bottle and they charged me 180.00 dollars because the form automatically charges you even if u don't want it. Internet
Miscellaneous Companies: Lunaluxe

10 — Report #1386995

Uesupport.com They started billing me on my credit card. No idea who they are. Spammed my credit card United kingdom Internet
Miscellaneous Companies: Uesupport.com

11 — Report #1386973

beaute instant reducer i was ordering some skin care producted to reduce my wrinkles they were suppose to just send me a free sample for 4.99 so like a believer i ored it but did not expected it to go threw cause i was 5 cents short but it did this all happen in june well i,m disable & get a check each month & they took 99.95 of my money out of my social sercerty check cause i have it on a card & now i am having to go threw my card people we will say to try to get my money back & don,t even know if i will so people if u believe any of these little thing that say it,s only 4.99 & the starts in hollywood are going crazy over it cause it works so good do not believe them cause it is a falses believe me i,ll never fall for it again cause this makes twice it has done happen to me but it was threw another company & i really looked up to this lady las vegas nevada
Miscellaneous Companies: beaute instant reducer

12 — Report #1386813

Hirshbach Trying to force me to drive a truck I'm unsafe condition 18355 US-20, East Dubuque, IL 61025 Internet
Miscellaneous Companies: Hirshbach

13 — Report #1386150

Dermabelle.. ...Ilumaderm Pure N Easy. And. cream a Silk cream Much the same as other reports..4+ people in my building as well.. $200.00 from SR. Citizens...not funny... Santa Ana, California California
Miscellaneous Companies: Dermabelle.. ...Ilumaderm

14 — Report #1386087

Thatbasket.com Charged my card and wont reply to emails and still havent shipped my purcjase and its been over 4 weeks Internet
Miscellaneous Companies: Thatbasket.com

15 — Report #1386006

Air wind and solar AKA AWS Daryl Easton Amanda Easton They installed faulty solar panel system and was not tdlr license to do in the state of Texas and they burned my house down and mine and my children and my wife stuff up and refuse to pay Dallas Texas
Miscellaneous Companies: Air wind and solar AKA AWS

16 — Report #1385927

Jeanette Chaix Regalia Tibetan Terriers Unethical Dog Breeder Jackson California
Miscellaneous Companies: Jeanette Chaix

17 — Report #1385883

Henry Von Dammeker Internet
Miscellaneous Companies: Henry Von Dammekers

18 — Report #1385676

The Roth Morgan Firm Drew-GM, Chris, LMAO owner, Anna, Corporate director These people are criminals. FDCPA 95-109 CLEARLY sets forth how you can and can not collect Orlando Florida
Miscellaneous Companies: The Roth Morgan Firm

19 — Report #1385668

Miscellaneous Companies: BRAVENEWLOOK.COM

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