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1 — Report #1406255

Avantirenewal Ordered a free trial for a 4.95 fee 14 days later a total for $178.79 was debited from my checking account unauthorized Buffalo,New York Internet
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2 — Report #1405306

Elly world The company sent a email saying my product will take 4-6 week . I waited never received the product. Never refund my money Las vegas Internet
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3 — Report #1405113

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4 — Report #1404716

Luxury Fashion Shipping Manager in NM Sending me watches! Silver City New Mexico
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5 — Report #1404154

Sling TV Sling.com. Sling Television I signed up for a "free 7 day trial" and canceled it after the first day. They took my money anyway! Internet
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6 — Report #1403637

Envie / Alesse Scammers/ Rude/Charged my CC $98. without authorization/Uses the transportion time as part of the 10 day trial. Internet
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7 — Report #1403399

Elly's World Internet
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8 — Report #1402787

ani*ansskincream Joanna Grimes/Femora Offer they present is misleading and no they do not abide by their terms as listed. Colorado
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9 — Report #1400218

WOWW Fashion WOWWDE On August 1st. 2017 I order via internet a steam hair straightner for the amount of $49.97. And until this day I have not received my merchandise yet. Internet
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10 — Report #1399072

Ella's hair straightener I paid for 2 steam hair straighteners off of Facebook and money was taken out of my account but I never received anything! Internet
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11 — Report #1398159

Woww Fashion Also goes by elly'sworld. I ordered 2 sports bras on June 3rd 2017 and Paid $49.99. it has now been approximately 13 weeks and I still have not received my order. I want my money back!! I want my money back, I never got my order and it's been 13 weeks Internet
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12 — Report #1395013

Elly's World ellysstraightener I ordered a flatiron from ellys world on July 25th, 2017. They sent me an email confirming my order and told me I would recive my merchandise in 4-6 weeks. Today is August 23rd, 2017 and I still haven't heard anything from them. The website has disappeared. When I tried to check on it, a message comes up "Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable". My order number is 6756. I paid $49.97 for this flatiron, how can I get my money back?
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13 — Report #1394952

National Self Reliance Assocoation -  nationalselfrelianceassociation.comsupport@mycrisisgear.com Signed me up for a 14-day trial without my full knowledge, after I purchased 2 items from them. Allen Texas
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14 — Report #1394035

Wrinkle Couture Sending me products I have not ordered, and charging my credit card. They try not to respond, and disregard any attempt to stop these charges. PO Box 25380 Nationwide
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15 — Report #1393963

IBEXTUMBLER i BOUGHT A IBEXTUMBLER that was adveriised as free with a shipping charge of $6.95. I also bought the lid for $15.00. My charge card was charged $21.95, then at a later date they charged my card $39.95 additional. What a rip off! I bought the same tumbler at Walmart for $10.00. Scottsdale, Arizona Internet
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16 — Report #1392778

hearthwear inc nuwave llc they took my money i got no cooktop libertyville Illinois
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17 — Report #1392426

Ronco Internet
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18 — Report #1392350

Alucia I ordered a sample box of Alucia Anti Wrinkle Skin Cream. And all i had to pay was for shipping ,which was 5.00. and i thought that was it. I didnt see anything about a 14 day trial at all or i wouldn't have bought this! And. I looked at my bank app and it said i have been charged 98.39. I didnt even know what it was from until i googled the code next to the amount and it said Alucia! I did not approve for them to take 98.39 out of my bank account! Now i am gonna be short on money for the rest of the week because of them taking out 98.39 out of my bank account which i did not give them permission to withdrawl! Los Angeles, California
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19 — Report #1391265

Beauté Wrinkle Crème Scammed-Made unauthorized charges to my account; approx 800.00 Internet
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20 — Report #1390839

OSTEEN Suisse/serum Renewal SKIN CREAM Fraudulently charged my account $400 for products that were offered at just $4.95. The initial offer was $4.95 for free trail. This offered by the wife of well know pastor JOEL OSTEEN! w pastor's SANTA ANA CA
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