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1 — Report #1388719

AVAS FLOWERS I found this company online when searching for a florist on the Internet for delivery to external Valley mortuary in Santa Clarita . it's been a month they have yet to refund my money and it was $248 for flowers I never received and have gotten nothing in return either as reimbursement no services but kept my money can you please help me Internet
Unusual Rip-Off: AVAS FLOWERS

2 — Report #1388644 Misrepresented and overcharged for automated trading service Menifee California
Online Trading:

3 — Report #1388643

Evolution Sports Motors We found a vehicle online and wanted it after talking to Monica. We live 8 hours from the dealership so had to do everything by phone and fax. Monica promised the car was in great condition and when we finally saw it it was falling apart. She said it had been in an accident but was only cosmetic and you couldnt even tell. When we saw the car the driver side mirror had a huge crack in it, the hood was uneven and poorly painted, the driver side blinker was falling into the body, the back bumper was cracked and poorly painted and the passenger side had multiple cracks in the body. We decided it was not what was promised and the manager promised to mail my $1000 back the following Monday. Here we are 2 months later and still have not received a refund.  Houston Texas
Auto Dealers: Evolution Sports Motors
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4 — Report #1388571

cashnetusa Jack Brown fraudulent accusation of loan and arrest threat
File a complaint with the consumer protection bureau you know the one that trump is trying to abolish Online banking: cashnetusa

5 — Report #1388541

Yonsalon Never delivered laptop I ordered and paid for online. Ogden Utah
Audio & Electronic Retail Stores: Yonsalon

6 — Report #1388534 -,,,,,,,, HGH SALES - Major RIP-OFF Singapore Internet
Pharmacies Online: -
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7 — Report #1388416 I ordered a birth certificate online paying expedited fees of $124.95 then paid $47 for government state fees an I never received or heard back from them through my emails...I've been waiting almost 2 weeks for Order which I suppose to received it in over night shipping....I keep emailing this company an not a response from this site anymore....I needed my birth certificate due to my marriage lisence an it had to be postponed due to not receiving...I need this company checked into due to taking my money and having my credit card personal use....Thank you! Internet
Call your credit card co and dispute the transaction Credit Card Fraud:

8 — Report #1388403

Cannabis Online Connect Only accept COD payments and DO NOT ship packages. TOTAL SCAM. Address on web site doesn't even exist. supposedly - Delaware, but website domain - Panama Internet
Miscellaneous Companies: Cannabis Online Connect

9 — Report #1388336, deceptive advertising Internet
online company give refund Internet Fraud:,

10 — Report #1388332

Canadian Online Pharmacy US Online Pharmacy scam, violate do-not-call, aggravating Unknown Internet
Pharmacies: Canadian Online Pharmacy

11 — Report #1388326 Lock Smith Pros Technician Carlos (young kid) arrived at Elizabeth NJ. Carlos using his tools (metal bar) unsuccessfully tried to unlock the driver side door, while Driver was watching that Carlos does not damage the door. At the moment that driver got busy on a phone call, the kid Carlos walked around the car towards the passenger door (front) to unlock the door. This time he was successful. Yet the door was damaged got a molding frame dented and scratch, this caused by the tools and technique Carlos used. Also the Clip weather strip was affected causing water to access the interior. Whole border of the window is vented. When damages were pointed out, Carlos did not showed any interest nor professional handling of the situation. Someone must do something to this crocks. Somewhere in NJ - they operate online. New Jersey
Questionable Activities:

12 — Report #1388273

phpInboxMailer phpInboxMailer collect Bitcoin from and my friend ,and also took perfect money total worth of 4,000 USD ahmedabad gujarat Internet
Online Trading: phpInboxMailer

13 — Report #1388240

Verizon I have not been a customer of verizon for over a year, yet money is being taken from my bank account for services they are not providing me. Verizon requires a pin number or that I go to Verizon 15 miles away when I am stuck to a bed and immobile. Verizon is claiming that they are unable to reset pin number to an account that they manage to ensure I am not longer being billed illegally and unfairly and that I am refunded the number payments they have been taking from my account without my consent. I chatted on the phone and online with customer support and they claimed they can't help me. Nationwide
Cellular Phone Companies: Verizon

14 — Report #1388162

US Online Pharmacy US Pharmacy Constant Calls will not stop. Selling Cialis and Viagra India? Internet
Pharmacies: US Online Pharmacy

15 — Report #1388164

Paramount Rarities Jason Stark Solicited gold coins under pretense of buying or trading. Did not return coins or pay or trade Shipley New York
Investment Brokers: Paramount Rarities

16 — Report #1387962

Leaf Credit Repair Solutions Credit repair companies with a one-size-fits-all type of service (often referred to as “credit mills” because of how they do things – carelessly and quantity-driven, not quality-driven). You’ve probably seen them on television or on those annoying online popup ads. They’re usually wearing bad suits with bad haircuts and they typically carry the name of a law firm. Maple Shade New Jersey
Credit Services: Leaf Credit Repair Solutions

17 — Report #1387949 Online date scam Internet
Dating Services:

18 — Report #1387940 Life styles Now/Regular Email and Facebook Stole my money from my account already online Internet
Alternative Health:

19 — Report #1387937

Masters Miracle Inc later NatureRich Used mineral neutralizer 2002-04, water, gradual neuropathy in feet that has been getting worse each year, now pain. maple grove, minnesota Nationwide online, Minnesota
Alternative Health: Masters Miracle Inc

20 — Report #1387643

AMI Ventures Supplier for Wal-Mart - Do NOT Order Anything from Wal-Mart Online! Unknown - foreign Internet
Expedited delivery one state over took a month! Hospitals: AMI Ventures

21 — Report #1387788

SlingShot Trader InvestorPlace Media, LLC Option Trading Rockville, Maryland
Online Trading: SlingShot Trader

22 — Report #1387646

Grand Canyon University Curriculum Changes Without Notice to Students Online Instructors getting harder and harder Phoenix Internet
Colleges and Universities: Grand Canyon University

23 — Report #1387641 They ripped off thousands of members by stating they were really trading while it was a Ponzi scheme Internet
Investment Brokers:

24 — Report #1387590

Asurion Wireless Insurance I went online to make a credit card payment and saw a charge for $199 by Asurion Wireless Insurance that I did not make. I called my credit card company and reported the fraud. My card is cancelled and I will be issued a new one. Internet
Credit Card Fraud: Asurion Wireless Insurance

25 — Report #1387548

Car Parts Source, Charles Vidaurrazaga Poorme Sales, Inc. This organizations sales car parts online. When they send parts that don't arrive they refuse to refund money. Miami Florida
Auto Parts: Car Parts Source, Charles Vidaurrazaga

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