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1 — Report #1388719

AVAS FLOWERS I found this company online when searching for a florist on the Internet for delivery to external Valley mortuary in Santa Clarita . it's been a month they have yet to refund my money and it was $248 for flowers I never received and have gotten nothing in return either as reimbursement no services but kept my money can you please help me Internet
Unusual Rip-Off: AVAS FLOWERS

2 — Report #1388714

Omni Shield home safe network . com Scam artists Nationwide
Unusual Rip-Off: Omni Shield

3 — Report #1388605

Beaute wrinkle cream and Beaute wrinkle reducer billing through Glamshop NY. 844-498-1595 and Visage Skin Care NY. 844-488-8869 respectively On line fraudulent offer and money scam. Las Vegas , Nevada
Attorney Generals: Bait-and-Switch: Unusual Rip-Off: Beaute wrinkle cream and Beaute wrinkle reducer

4 — Report #1388617

DAR Waterfront & Associates Brio Day and Night Serum, Allegro Anti-aging My bank notified me that it look liked fraudulent charges had been made, and cancelled my debit card. Same company that is now sending me a bill for $144.16. Sherman Oaks CA,California
Unusual Rip-Off: DAR Waterfront & Associates

5 — Report #1388600

Envision Experience False advertising, a rip off, did not deliver services promised, very unprofessional. Vienna Virginia
Health Care Education: Envision

6 — Report #1388598

Briggs Law Firm - Richard Lynn Scam regarding telling me that I had unpaid payday loan with United Personal Loan Ocala Florida
Unusual Rip-Off: Briggs Law Firm

7 — Report #1388592

Jason Lamay roofer/contractor in Vermont stole money, poor work never finishes , used our credit card for personal purchases over $1000- and ripped off material deposit. South Burlington Vermont
Roofing Companies: Jason Lamay

8 — Report #1388578

solar universe network repower repairs can't be made by franchisees who go out of business livermore california Nationwide
Unusual Rip-Off: solar universe network

9 — Report #1388555

Envisage Skin International Ilus Serum, Krasa Creme I had no where to find them after I realized I was ripped off St. Petersburg Florida
BBB Better Business Bureau: Envisage Skin International

10 — Report #1388554

AVALURE I was told I had 14 days to try the product and decide if I wanted it. I have not had the product for 14 days and was charged almost $200 for trying it for 14 days and not cancelling. This is a scam! internet
Unusual Rip-Off: AVALURE

11 — Report #1388534 -,,,,,,,, HGH SALES - Major RIP-OFF Singapore Internet
Pharmacies Online: -

12 — Report #1388526

Universal Premium Fleet Cards Rip Off Internet
Gas Stations: Universal Premium Fleet Cards

13 — Report #1388519

Comprehensive Wellness Center Shady Lantana Florida
Unusual Rip-Off: Comprehensive Wellness Center

14 — Report #1388509

PS Salon I have been employed for 2 months now ever since my first paycheck I have been missing half my paycheck I have reached out to my manager her boss the region manager human resources I am owed back pay of $922 I've been told they were checking into it they were getting emails sent to them they were checking into it nothing has been done I've been told that PS Salon is not responsible for my financial stress when in actuality they're withholding have my paycheck they are responsible I have kept every sheet every document since day one I went over it for 3 hours last night and found discrepancy in all three of my last paychecks they are a rip-off and a scam and they don't care Orlando Florida
Liars: PS Salon

15 — Report #1388425

New You Underware Information given is website that warns that it is a rip off and not valid Hayden Idaho
TV Advertisements: New You Underware

16 — Report #1388419

Nu Lift Purchased rejuvenating cream for $9.95 on 6/7/17. My bank acount was charged $94.97 on 7/18/17 unathorized. Im on a fixd income and this caused an overdraft to my account Internet
Unusual Rip-Off: Nu Lift

17 — Report #1388415

LUNALUXE SIGNATURE SKINCARE SHARK TANK RIP OFF !! I cancelled the order on the day I received an email providing the shipment date, received a cancellation code C3627999 & C3628001 but was STILL CHARGED FOR THE PRODUCTS !! When I called Customer Service I was told there are NO REFUNDS, NO RETURNS ! No Supervisors to speak with on the phone ! Internet

18 — Report #1388406

Hoverkicks The sneaker I bought only last one month the light started not working at first one shoes didn't charge at all when I first got it, than they replace it. But it still not working my kids doesn't even use no more since it doesn't woek at all so basically I gave money for a product that never work in the first place. Internet
Unusual Rip-Off: Hoverkicks

19 — Report #1387875

Optima Tax Company is a Rip Off!! Money wasted down the drain, owed MORE monies for loans taken out, and 0 results! Santa Ana California
Income Tax Service: Optima Tax

20 — Report #1388396

Lilies gal Rip me off Internet
Clothing Stores: Lilies gal

21 — Report #1388389

Minhas Corporation Joga Minhas Joga Minhas, Minhas Corporation California Corporation, Arco AMPM Fraudulent partnership, IRS Tax Fraud, Corporate Fraud ceres California
Unusual Rip-Off: Minhas Corporation Joga Minhas

22 — Report #1388387

Landmark Health Care in PO 77570 592 Sheppard Ave W Dowsnsview Ont Rip off, they say only pay for shipping to try a product. Internet
Skin Care: Landmark Health Care

23 — Report #1388379

Addict Gear Ripped off by Addict Gear China/Honkong Honkong
Miscellaneous Office Services: Addict Gear

24 — Report #1388368

My123 student relief They ripped me off Internet
Corrupt Companies: My123 student relief

25 — Report #1363430

Anthony Brewer a/k/a Tony Brewer Anthony Brewer steals money; claims he needs to purchase materials upfront, then you never see him again Pueblo Colorado
Unusual Rip-Off: Anthony Brewer

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