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1 — Report #1380417

Marble Golden Retrievers Took $400 from my daughter they advertise golden retrievers for sale she wired them $400 and then a (suppose to be) shipping company calls and says the need an additional $850 for flight life insurance for the puppy and that ita refundable when she couldn't pay it and she ask for her money back they stopped answering her calls and text messages they even state on their website they offer 30 days refunds Virginia but number was from NY Internet
Animal Services: Marble Golden Retrievers

2 — Report #1380156

Dave Bradford Timberlake Kennels Timberlakekennel@gmail.com Did not ship dog after paying flight certificate and stole my money.... Mary Esther Florida
Animal Services: Dave Bradford Timberlake Kennels

3 — Report #1380116

k9 Training Academy Let the buyer beware Parkland Florida
Animal Services: k9 Training Academy

4 — Report #1379314

Cats Only Veterinary Hospital Beware!!! Fraudulant!!! Misdiagnosed our Bengal Cat!!! Rocklin California
Animal Services: Cats Only Veterinary Hospital

5 — Report #1378934

Adirondack Save-a-Stray Adopted a pup for $300, 48hours after arriving to NY from GA. Puppy was over 90 days old and had not been administered rabies vaccine until after crossing state lines. Health certificate states "first shots" were given in GA a week prior to his adoption in NY. Paper trail does not note any quarantine time. The pup was diagnosed parvo+ 3 days after adoption. Adoption fee and emergency vet bill was not reimbursed to the family. Corinth New York
Animal Services: Adirondack Save-a-Stray

6 — Report #1378328

Easy Pay Finance On June 8th i had a schedule payment due for 300$ Carlsbad California
Animal Services: Easy Pay Finance

7 — Report #1377798

ASAP Animal Shelter Lisa Kenyon Jeanne Saadilisa.kenyon@sbcphd.orgDetective David Of Santa Barbara CA war vet had 2nd tumor surgery they told my wife they would watch my service dog and lied about everything and forged documents and they pulled up my record on me website and lisa asked me if I could afford a dog as well as we set a time to get dog and she tried to have me arrested after driving 6 Hours With Wife. Santa Barbara California
Animal Services: ASAP Animal Shelter Lisa Kenyon

8 — Report #1377061

Steve Nash Steven Nash MaxoMagic Steve is knowingly inbreeding sick dogs for profit and when too old to sell- kills them. Middletown New York
Animal Services: Steve Nash

9 — Report #1376829

Mellody Fox I bought a old english bull dog for$1800 n jorge virhuez n his stud got her pregnant and he agreed to take care of her until she had the puppies and i haven't heard from him since she had the puppies Illinois Illinois
Animal Services: Mellody Fox

10 — Report #1376825

South East Michigan Puppy Mill Awareness Pam Sordyl Fraud, Harassment, Slander Independance Township Internet
Animal Services: South East Michigan Puppy Mill Awareness

11 — Report #1375654

Patricia Norton Birdmother They did not pay me for thousands of hour work, or using my work Hudson, Florida
Animal Services: Patricia Norton

12 — Report #1375627

Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary FEBS No Breeding,selling or adoption Hudson Florida
Animal Services: Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary

13 — Report #1375236

T.C. Pomskies, AKA Curvehill Pomskies, AKA TC Pomskies, AKA Mary Fraley, AKA Tanya Flores-Calderon, AKA Mariah Calderon Caught buying and reselling SICK puppies Gilbert Arizona Gilbert Arizona
Animal Services: T.C. Pomskies

14 — Report #1374956

CJ's Stables Connor Salkeld Horse not as advertised Ft. Wayne Indiana Internet
Animal Services: CJ's Stables

15 — Report #1374525

Cakebread Cockers Aimee Cakebread, Aimee Fowler, Aimee Webb, Aimee Atkins SCAM - Breeder of cocker spaniels El Mirage Arizona
Animal Services: Cakebread Cockers

16 — Report #1374505

North Kenny Veterinary Hospital North Kenny Veterinary Hospital Facilitates Kidnapping Of Dogs Columbus Ohio
Animal Services: North Kenny Veterinary Hospital

17 — Report #1373672

Sugar baby Shih Tzu , lollipop farm in rocky mount virginia Tracey Simpson Booth Rocky mount Virginia
Animal Services: Sugar baby Shih Tzu , lollipop farm in rocky mount virginia

18 — Report #1373653

Embers Bengals Trina Stillian and Nick Stillian, Phoenix Rae Designs, Trina's Toddler Zone Bought a Blue Bengal from her and it died in her home no refund and she changed her cattery name. Modesto, CA California
Animal Services: Embers Bengals

19 — Report #1373388

Happy Life Animal Rescue Lorraine Forster AVOID LORRAINE FORSTER & HAPPY LIFE ANIMAL RESCUE AT ALL COSTS Patterson New York
Animal Services: Happy Life Animal Rescue

20 — Report #1373384

Imperial Kennels, LLC Imperial K9 Pathetic, lying thieves. Suffolk Virginia
Animal Services: Imperial Kennels, LLC

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