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1 — Report #1388663

legal service center SCAMERS Downey California
Attorneys & Legal Services: legal service center

2 — Report #1387120

J.J. Sandlin He took our money, then disappeared. Never answered phone or ever communicated again. Zillah Washington
Attorneys & Legal Services: J.J. Sandlin

3 — Report #1387060

Longwell Lawyers Mark Longwell Attorneys Unethical, manipulative and threatening, which is very surprising conduct for a FAMILY LAW Orlando Florida
Attorneys & Legal Services: Longwell Lawyers

4 — Report #1387039

Kimball, Tirey and St. John. Law Firm Dishonest and unethical law firm San Diego California
Attorneys & Legal Services: Kimball, Tirey and St. John. Law Firm

5 — Report #1386575

Adekunle kadiri Got ripped off of my money Houston Texas
Attorneys & Legal Services: Adekunle kadiri

6 — Report #1386376

Capone & Keefe Law firm Marc Capone Rip off Spring Lake New Jersey
Attorneys & Legal Services: Capone & Keefe Law firm

7 — Report #1386146

USA LEGAL RESOURCE They illegally charged over 200 from my debit card Woodland hills California
Attorneys & Legal Services: USA LEGAL RESOURCE

8 — Report #1385993

John Hilliard Law Firm Hilliard Law Firm Thief, Stole Money and Never Worked on Case, Crooked Lawyer Georgetown South Carolina
Attorneys & Legal Services: John Hilliard Law Firm

9 — Report #1385515

Rutter Riesman & Associates , Jakob Pearlman, Carrie reynolds Rip -off /scam Calabasas California
Attorneys & Legal Services: Rutter Riesman & Associates

10 — Report #1385300

The State Bar of Texas The State Bar of Texas, Texas State Bar Complaint  Texas State Bar, Complaint Texas State Bar Austin Texas
Attorneys & Legal Services: The State Bar of Texas

11 — Report #1385048

PAMELA THAKUR LAW FIRM BAR NO 239717 I used this Thakur law firm for tax issue. The first several times I called in, things went very smoothly. Pamela in charge of taxs was very short and impatient in answering questions. She did "recommend" that I pay her upfront fees. I went ahead and paid HER the tax fee of $9.88700. The problem is that I could have paid off my tax debt for $8000.00. I emailed and called several times and many times the reply was that the paralegal in charge of the tax issue was sick or would call me back. The attorney (Pamela Thakur) did not seem to know the details of the case so there was no success in getting an answer from her. More than a year after starting the tax process with them, I still have not received any follow up. The only reason why I am posting this review now is because I found a good law firm and remembered how much money and time I wasted with this Thakur law firm. They will probably reply to this complaint with some story that is convenient for her. This is my experience and it sucks she took my money I work hard for my money that Pamela scammed me out of Brea California
Attorneys & Legal Services: PAMELA THAKUR LAW FIRM BAR NO 239717

12 — Report #1384908

National Notary of America The only thing Quick about this company is how Quickly they take your money Denver Nationwide
Attorneys & Legal Services: National Notary of America

13 — Report #1384896

faclon legal group Robert davis they lie to you so you will send them money woodland hills California
Attorneys & Legal Services: faclon legal group

14 — Report #1384648

Peter Frances Geracie Law Firm I filled a bankruptcy with this rip off company and filed a chapter 13 and for 3 long years I paid more than 7000 dollars and when it came down to discharging my case the letter came stating they were discharging my case cause of not turning over my incom Ripped me off for over 7000 Chicago 89410
Attorneys & Legal Services: Peter Frances Geracie Law Firm

15 — Report #1384517

Marvin Lopata, Attorney Lopata, Lopata Law Attorney defrauds Family out of Adoption money Mishawaka Indiana
Attorneys & Legal Services: Marvin Lopata

16 — Report #1383723

Devitt & Saltzburg, LLP James Devitt Pervert Attorney, incompent who will screw up your case has no clue what he is doing Los Angeles California
Attorneys & Legal Services: Devitt & Saltzburg, LLP

17 — Report #1383719

Genesis Law GRoup Jennifer Nagel Attorney You get what you pay for, disgusting service they have no clue what they are doing. los angeles California
Attorneys & Legal Services: Genesis Law GRoup

18 — Report #1383672

United family recorces Aaron bauer Charged me for court paperwork and I can not receive it he also had me under the empression I would have legal representation in the custody court matter. Internet
Attorneys & Legal Services: United family recorces

19 — Report #1383486

Gary Nelson PA Attorney at Law Horrible, not reliable, stay clear Leavenworth Kansas
Attorneys & Legal Services: Gary Nelson

20 — Report #1383458

Camp & Camp Law Firm David Camp law office,Juvenile Court, Judge Christy Little fraudster helper,Camp, David W Law Offices PLLC DO NOT TRUST THIS CROOK DAVID STOLE MY 2500 Jackson Tennessee
Attorneys & Legal Services: Camp & Camp Law Firm

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