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1 — Report #1406133

Legal Process Services: US FUGITIVE SERVICE

2 — Report #1403082

White Feather Interpreting, LLC Julie K. Balassa, MACI and CT, Federal and State Court Certifiedjkb1200s@gmail.com Owner defamed my father's name Paisley FLORIDA
Legal Process Services: White Feather Interpreting, LLC

3 — Report #1402210

Open-Public-Records.com and Carlos Cabellos, Owner Open-Public-Records.com unethically collects detailed private information and broadcasts to the world. When asked to remove my information from their site, the answer was NO. This is affecting my professional reputation. This type of internet crawling on government websites - SHOULD REMAIN on the government website!!! Please take a stand to have this website shut down!!! Thank you to others who have filed complaints against Open-Public-Records.com. Santa Barbara California
Legal Process Services: Open-Public-Records.com

4 — Report #1400717

NCAT Unhelpful, bureaucratic, seems to be a waste of time Sydney NSW
Legal Process Services: NCAT

5 — Report #1394300

Corporation Filing Service I started a small LLC business, at the end of July 2017, and at the begining of August 2017 received this so-called "Annual Minutes Statement", requesting The Names of all Shareholders, The names of all Corporate Directors, The names of all Corporate Officers, and their Titles, Contact Name, Phone, and E-mail....and most importantly ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. Tallahassee Florida
Legal Process Services: Corporation Filing Service

6 — Report #1394229

my divorce papers.com Liars and thieves they dont give this information on their website Internet
Legal Process Services: my divorce papers.com

7 — Report #1393105

László Sinkó Kovács Amerikai Bevandorlas Immigration Fraud Internet
Legal Process Services: László Sinkó Kovács

8 — Report #1391364

Jeff Bodine , Registered Process Server Jeff Bodine swears out false affidavits of "service of process" on individuals he never personally served. In my case, it was proven I was 85 miles away and his perjured declaration was annulled by the Court san bernardino California
Legal Process Services: Jeff Bodine

9 — Report #1391120

American Immigration Center Deceptive Website pretending to be USCIS Internet
Legal Process Services: American Immigration Center

10 — Report #1386392

Aca loan recovery They sent me a email stating that I owe a payday loan of 963.00...and im going to be prosecuted if i dont pay and send payments online. Internet
Legal Process Services: Aca loan recovery

11 — Report #1383839

completecase.com Not fast, not current, and not helpful Internet
Legal Process Services: completecase.com

12 — Report #1383140

CGFNS CGFNS They received my money and did not fulfill the service Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Legal Process Services: CGFNS

13 — Report #1377112

Commissioner of Judging processing division Larry Hourd wanted me to send them $12.99 Kansas City Kansas
Legal Process Services: Commissioner of Judging processing division

14 — Report #1376359

eforms.com no info up front you must give pmt info for "free" reports Miami Florida
Legal Process Services: eforms.com

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