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1 — Report #1398047

Diamond Resorts International Defrauded on timeshare points purchase Nationwide
Resorts: Diamond Resorts International

2 — Report #1388103

Diamond resorts international, DRI I was scammed out of thousands of dollars that I can never recover Fort Lauderdale Florida Nationwide
Bait-and-Switch: Diamond resorts international

3 — Report #1384729

Diamond Resorts International Diamond Resorts 4 high pressure sales voltures that keep us in their closed Office for what was to be 55 minutes turned out to be 3 1/2 hours of pure pressure on my wife and myself. After giving in to Branson Missouri
Attorney Generals: Diamond Resorts International

4 — Report #1380831

Diamond Resorts International Diamond Resorts International will ripoff your hard earned money. Las Vegas Nevada
Resorts: Diamond Resorts International

5 — Report #1376840

Diamond Resorts International Yet another SCAM company DIAMOND RESORTS INTL - these guys are the worst Las Vegas Nevada
Resorts: Diamond Resorts International

6 — Report #1373047

Diamond Resorts International Never sent notices of dues until certified letter notifying that there was 17 days for default and foreclosure on owned property Coral Springs Florida
Resorts: Diamond Resorts International

7 — Report #1362909

Diamond Resorts International The Palms Country Club and Resort Condominium Association Insane late charges for late maintenance fee Coral Springs Florida Nationwide
Resorts: Diamond Resorts International

8 — Report #1360963

Diamond resorts international Purchased a time share for almost 30000 US dollars and I can't even use it because they can't change the date of my reservation and they don't have anything available so they want to send me to a hotel Las Vegas Nevada
Sales People: Diamond resorts international

9 — Report #1355289

Diamond Resorts International Harassing phone calls Nationwide
Hotel: Diamond Resorts International

10 — Report #1341304

Diamond Resorts Apollo Global Management Local Florida TV Interview: The Timeshare Trap Diamond Resorts Las Vegas Nationwide
Diamond Resorts Regulatory & Legal Actions Resorts: Diamond Resorts

11 — Report #1321435


12 — Report #1319634

Diamond Resorts International Deception, innuendo, exaggeration and outright lies are the basis of their business model! Las Vegas Nevada
Public Relations: Diamond Resorts International

13 — Report #1318455

DRI Diamond Resorts International DRI timeshare Nationwide
Public Relations: DRI Diamond Resorts International

14 — Report #1315868

Diamond Resorts, Diamond Resorts International Timeshare, Scam, Hostage, Liar Las Vegas Nationwide
Wow Public Relations: Diamond Resorts

15 — Report #1305954

Diamond Resorts International Diamond Resorts Financial Services IncDiamond Resorts U.S collection Development LLC Beware of the LIES, this is a very well though out scam scottsdale Arizona
Travel Services: Diamond Resorts International

16 — Report #1285818

Diamond Resorts International I realized too late to get a refund after signing the time share agreement Las Vegas Nevada
Public Relations: Diamond Resorts International

17 — Report #1277603

Diamond Resorts International Members Association Williamsburg, VA Nationwide
Accounting: Diamond Resorts International

18 — Report #1269511

Diamond Resorts International Rick Casper - Vacation Counselor We were told that we would be able to use the points accumulated with purchases using our Diamond Resort Barclay card by the high pressure sales repRick Casper but when we recently tried to use our accumulated points Diamind Resorts told us we had to be a platinum member. Las Vegas Nevada
Sales People: Diamond Resorts International

19 — Report #1263109

Diamond Resorts International Sales pitches are totally deceptive, Do Not buy into this fraud Las Vegas Nevada
Public Relations: Diamond Resorts International

20 — Report #1255819

Diamond Resorts I have made a total of four phone calls to Diamond, the last one was this past Wednesday and I was promised that I would hear back on Thursday. It’s now Friday and still no call, las Vegas Nevada
DRI has resolved this issue Public Relations: Diamond Resorts

21 — Report #1250483

Exorbitant Costs of Diamond Resorts International This company has deceived us, lied to us and charged ridiculous fees! Orlando Florida Nationwide
Public Relations: Diamond Resorts International

22 — Report #1249653

Diamond Resorts International When i purchased y Diamond Resorts Timeshare, it was transferred over from Mystic Dunes Resort. I was told that the maintenance fees would not be due during 2015 since i was purchasing in June, however, i received a bill in the mail on 19 Sep for a $2900 due on 1 Sep, this is not what i was told at the time of purchase. I was told that since i already paid maintenance fees under Mystic Dunes for the year, i would not have to pay twice, that was a LIE! I was also told that i could use my Barclay Mastercard to pay for my maintenance fees, The lies that are being told by Diamond Resorts International has got to be against the law, and i cannot imagine that i am the only one. Mystic Dunes/Diamond Resorts Florida
I understand how you feel. Resorts: Diamond Resorts International

23 — Report #1237417

Diamond Resorts International Diamond Resorts is a huge Lier and Ripoff. Las vegas Nevada
Diamond continues to rip off people again. Public Relations: Diamond Resorts International

24 — Report #1231093

Diamond Resorts international Purchased a vacation sampler and requested an extension of two months to complete my vacation because I had to have emergency surgery so. I would not loss my time and money. Reported them to the BBB because they play games they say they tried to call me but I never got a call and I asked them to give me a direct number to call the guy but that never happened. Lieing company Las vegas Nevada
diamond resort resolved my issue Public Relations: Diamon Resorts international

25 — Report #1230762

Diamond Resorts Insternational Timeshare DRI Timeshare This timeshare company works doing bad practices, selling packs lies that cost dozens of thousands dollars, sellers promise one ideal and paradisiac thing pushing people to sign a contract that contain the reality that differ 99% from that false promises. You cannot cancel contracts anymore and you will be their slave for the rest of your lives. DRI does not answer your questions, does not return your calls, does not have available vacation when you and where you want, they increase payments year by year. The worst way for wasting money has a name and it is Diamond Resorts International. Las Vegas Nevada
Do not lie more, DRI does not resolve any situation. Miscellaneous Companies: Diamond Resorts Insternational Timeshare

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