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1 — Report #1362929

WePay GoFundMe WePay declines payment then holds funds Internet
On-Line Business: WePay

2 — Report #1359132

WePay WePay steals again! Palo Alta California
Situation resolved with WePay Financial Services: WePay

3 — Report #1350877

WePay wild goose chase Palo Alto, California Internet
Unusual Rip-Off: WePay

4 — Report #1333038

We pay part of GoFundMe GoFundMe Wepay talks in circles doesnt deliver what they say high end crap is what you get Internet
Advertising / Deceptive: We pay part of GoFundMe

5 — Report #1326075

GoFundMe WePay GoFundMe & WePay are a SCAM!!! San Diego Internet
Internet: GoFundMe

6 — Report #1286437

WePay Inc. Refusal to provide an answer to why my account was closed. Redwood California
Credit Card Processing (ACH) Companies: WePay Inc.

7 — Report #1255628

WePay, Inc. WePay Steals Money! Redwood California
Financial Services: WePay, Inc.

8 — Report #1255289

Gofundme Wepay I started a funding to help them with a family member who had past away and they haven't put the funds in my account and its been over 30 days Nationwide
Online Trading: Gofundme

9 — Report #1230443

wepay runaround Internet
Cash Services: wepay

10 — Report #1225281

WePay GoFundme Rip Off, Scam, Thieves Palo Alto California
Cash Services: WePay

11 — Report #1213637

wepay payment processors Internet
get a life Credit Card Processing (ACH) Companies: wepay

12 — Report #1208704

wepay WPY*BOOSTER 855-469-3729  California, Virginia, US Nationwide
Unusual Rip-Off: wepay

13 — Report #1198669

wepay and gofundme i had a account with my email user was tjey robbed me outta 200 dollars and when i called wepay they just basically deleted my profile and said there was no existing payments when i got everything sreen shotted and proof they screwed me and is who did my payments so wepay and gofundme will robbbb u blinddd Internet
Cash Services: wepay and gofundme

14 — Report #1193828 aka Do not use they will steal your money Internet
This email was just sent today a few minutes ago Unusual Rip-Off:

15 — Report #1188987

WEPAY SUCKS!!! Closed my account with no explanation & wouldn't talk to me. Nationwide
Credit Card Processing (ACH) Companies: WEPAY

16 — Report #1151609

Youcaring: Fake Paypal processor, forces you to open account @ Wepay Internet
Jane, There are other reports Credit Card Processing Companies: Credit Card Processing (ACH) Companies: youcaring

17 — Report #1129166

WePay Top Tier Scammers Palo Alto California
Financial Services: WePay

18 — Report #1116325

WePay Never use this deceptive company Palo Alto California
Credit Card Processing (ACH) Companies: WePay

19 — Report #1109786

WEPAY Wepay inc. Warning Do NOT Use Them! Georgia
Credit Card Processing (ACH) Companies: WEPAY

20 — Report #1108600

Wepay Scam payees and donaters California
Credit Card Processing Companies: Wepay

21 — Report #1098057

We Pay WePay,, We Pay WePay a scam, ripoff, we pay a ripoff, scam, a ripoff, scam unknown unknown
Correction Credit Card Processing Companies: We Pay

22 — Report #1097988

WePay WePay holds money in your account and will not release it Internet
Common problems amongst all companies Credit Card Processing (ACH) Companies: WePay

23 — Report #1094452

Bill Clerico Rich Aberman Complete idiots Palo Alto California
Credit Card Processing Companies: WePay

24 — Report #1089389

Wepay Crowd rise They are SUPPOSED to be a company simular to paypal...I HAVE NEVER BEEN RIPPED OFF BY PAYPAL..ONLY BY WEPAY!!!I used my credit card for a T shirt donation of $20, THEY TOOK THE DONATION, THEN kept taking it, and taking it, and taking it I have contacted them AND the company I donated to, even the charity company suggested I get an attorney, I cant afford an atty, so here I am...can anyone suggest what to do to get my money back? And yes, I have tried several times to talk to them, but the phone directs you to online, and online puts you to automated response, THEN they say its been satisfied....SINCE WHEN IS NO RESPONSE SATISFIED? MI...IO...TX internet
Non-Profit Charities: Wepay

25 — Report #1084434

WePay Another terrible experience - Do not give them the chance to damage your business Palo Alto California
Credit Card Processing (ACH) Companies: WePay

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