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1 — Report #1388241

Kra'sa ST. PETERSBURGE Florida 33742
Credit Card Fraud: Kra'sa

2 — Report #1388234

Eye Royale Skin Royale CJ Marketing and CH Group Eliteeye False Advertisement on the Free Trial Mainland Nationwide
Credit Card Fraud: Eye Royale Skin Royale

3 — Report #1388040

Laid back loot I purchased a pair of sneakers and a coffee mug for $24.99 on May 26th 2017 and it was supposedly sent out on June 6th. It is now July 26th 2017 and I still have not received my items. It was supposed to take only 10 days to deliver. Is this company a scam?? Toronto
Credit Card Fraud: Laid back loot

4 — Report #1388028

INSURANCETPA.COM This company has been charging out of our bank accou nt $10.50 a month for the past 6 months when we contacted the bank and cancel that credit card we notice that they did a withdrwa fron savings for 2 times the amount we want our money back they are stealing our money and are not authorized last withdraw 07/21/2017 Lubbock texas Internet

5 — Report #1387980

Midland Funding LLC This U.S.company,has Indian debt collectors that are instructed to not give you a discount on debt San Diego California
Credit Card Fraud: Midland Hunding LLC

6 — Report #1387941

SVCRT.COM Internet
Credit Card Fraud: SVCRT.COM

7 — Report #1387910

SMOOTHSURPRISE cbd OIL Tried once. It didn't work. I called when another arrived in the mail. They said I had agreed to a renewasl when I ordered. I told them I didn't want it and got a number to return and sent it back . I just got my credit statement and they have charged me for the returned and another they sent after I toldd them to cancel. Provo Utah

8 — Report #1387897

Emporium VNU Group, VNU Retail, VNU Capital, VNU Holdings, VENUE.com FRAUDULENT/TAX EVADING COMPANY Los Angeles California
Credit Card Fraud: Emporium

9 — Report #1387764

Amzexchange Scam/ rip-off Internet
Credit Card Fraud: Amzexchange

10 — Report #1387622

Greendot 2 times i had this happen to me. I had bought there cards at 2 at the same time. I had put some money on two cards i had purchased, when I tried using this card to pay a bill it was delcined, I then used my other card I had just put 280 on and was able to make the payment from that card. My question is what happened to the 280 from that other card that I had just put money on at the same time. I jsut had another card that I had purchaced and I had made a phone call regarding a card that my name was not on the card. I spoke to a lady that put a stop on my card without my permission, my card was blocked, I still have not recieved this card claiming I had 307.00 left on my card. Nationwide
Credit Card Fraud: Greendot

11 — Report #1387618

houselookups.com unauthorized credit card withdrawals Internet
Credit Card Fraud: houselookups.com

12 — Report #1387590

Asurion Wireless Insurance I went online to make a credit card payment and saw a charge for $199 by Asurion Wireless Insurance that I did not make. I called my credit card company and reported the fraud. My card is cancelled and I will be issued a new one. Internet
Credit Card Fraud: Asurion Wireless Insurance

13 — Report #1387477

Laidbackloot Rip off scammers Internet
Credit Card Fraud: Laidbackloot

14 — Report #1387462

Beaute Wrinkle Reducer Beaute Wrinkle Cream Ordered FREE SAMPLE of Beaute Wrinkle Reducer and Beaute Wrinkle Cream for shipping cost only North Las Vegas Nevada
Credit Card Fraud: Beaute Wrinkle Reducer

15 — Report #1387457

Visalia skincare Visalia eyeserum Santa Ana California
Credit Card Fraud: Visalia skincare Visalia eyeserum

16 — Report #1387433

Micheal Boston terrier home Boston terrier puppies never buy online !!! Virginia Beach Virginia Internet
Credit Card Fraud: Micheal Boston terrier home

17 — Report #1387398

CBC Credit Services TRS Limited LLC I received a notice that CCB was collecting for a TRS LIMITED, LLC. I do not have any business with that company. I see on your site thhat there are many reports about this and other collection agencies trying to collect for this Phantom Company Springfield Illinois
Credit Card Fraud: CBC Credit Services

18 — Report #1387356

Pretty-Sweet.com I ordered 2 tumblers on May 1st. I have not received anything. They won't answer my e-mails or issue a refund. Internet
Credit Card Fraud: Pretty-Sweet.com

19 — Report #1387306

western skin care recurring charges on my wife's debit card Internet
Credit Card Fraud: western skin care

20 — Report #1387292

DAR Waterfront Enchanted Eye Cream Trying to collect money which I do not owe. Sherman Oaks California
Credit Card Fraud: DAR Waterfront

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