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1 — Report #1388356

Tracey Ash Pushy psychic with big ego won't let people get any money back London
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Tracey Ash

2 — Report #1387104

Keen: Ask Fran and Arradaza horrible experience rude, lies, shared information Internet
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Keen

3 — Report #1385986

Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD Or just Rose Schwab is a 100% fraud and scam artist. Minnesota Minnesota
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, PhD

4 — Report #1384409

Keen/James Vitale fake psychic psychopath threats peachtree city Internet
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Keen/James Vitale

5 — Report #1384264

Astrology Answer Unauthorized charge Las Vegas Nevada
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Astrology Answer

6 — Report #1382751

Marilyn St-Pierre Marilyn St-Pierre is a 100% Hoax and a Fraud posing as a psychic and worse, a healer Honolulu Hawaii
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Marilyn St-Pierre

7 — Report #1382688

California Astrology They did several love spells for me but didn't work. They did a weight lost spell for me and didn't work. They have done different spells for me but none of them worked Internet
Psychic Fortune Tellers: California Astrology

8 — Report #1380474

Chinhee Park Sunhee Park Frauds The Park Twins Scam Fraudulent, Scam, Fake, Disingenuous, Liars, Guesswork, For Profit, Egoistical, Greedy, Money Hungry, Desperate for Fame Nationwide Internet New York
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Chinhee Park

9 — Report #1379676

Loved Spellls By Ashley Marion Master 5 Star PsychicJade Psychic Love Spell MasterPsychic Valera Jones Con-Arts Psychic Resenda, CA or Seattle, Washington Internet
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Loved Spellls By Ashley Marion

10 — Report #1376705

Psychic by Zoe Sarah This person basically told me to come into a room she told me what services $40 for reading and $5 for a palm reading. New York New York
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Psychic by Zoe

11 — Report #1371791

Marvel Charles Roseblood or Rose Internet
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Marvel Charles

12 — Report #1369246

Spell Caster Maxim Fake, Not Real and has a bad attitude!!! Internet
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Spell Caster Maxim

13 — Report #1368823

Christopher Blanchard : Mama Lola SPIRITUAL SERVICES SCAM Burbank CA
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Christopher Blanchard

14 — Report #1365376

Desiree Marks Mystical Michelle ( Purple Ocean) Desiree Marks Scam Sparks, Nevada Nationwide
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Desiree Marks

15 — Report #1365363

Spells Wishes Deleting Positive Reviews Internet
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Spells Wishes

16 — Report #1364064

PsychicofIsis Fake psychics Internet
Psychic Fortune Tellers: PsychicofIsis

17 — Report #1363592

Psychic Giovanna Psychic Giovanna is a Shameless Fraud Toronto Ontario
Psychic Fortune Tellers: Psychic Giovanna

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